Aughwick Creek Antique Tractor Show

Our 22nd Year
ACATS is an annual event held an entire, third weekend in September. It is held on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

In its twentieth year, the show has grown from a handful of neighbors showing off their tractors, to a multi-county extravaganza!

The first year had 25 participants and has grown to over 70 participants in 2023. As the number of tractors has grown,

so has the attendance, in 2023, the number of attendees was approximately 2,000, the entire town of Shirleysburg and then some.

In late 2011, we rescued a stray tractor from a shelter. His name is Auggie Oliver. Auggie joined ACATS this year, as its mascot.

Auggie met his new sweetie Fergie. The two of them will be attending ACATS 2024.

The show is held at the "Old School House Grounds" on West Street, in Shirleysburg, Pennsylvania.

Barnyard Fun 2023!

Find the farm animals and win a prize!

Winner's Name Location of Animal
Conner Mills Handicap Sign
Rowen Raffensberger Fort Shirley Sign
Nathan Hensler Porch
Sophia Lady's Bathroom Mirror
Merideth Bordell Flower Pot
Conner Mills Electrical Box
Larry Back of Bench
Coral Port Ball Bench
Stetson Bordell Basketball Bracket
Chad Port Electric Meter Cable
Coral Port Caution Pole
Hazel JR's Pizza Trailer
Hunter Drain Pipe
Izzy Meter Electric Panel
Rider Pavillion by Water

Sponsored by Rodney Wagner and Michele Norris

Hidden by Jeff Brown

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Free Parking and Free Admission
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