This is the story of August "Auggie" Oliver DuTractor

August "Auggie" Oliver DuTractor was born Monday, September 19th, 1988 at 2:47pm. He was an only child and was raised in the wheat fields of Kansas. His parents, Oliver and Rayne DuTractor, moved to the central Pennsylvania area when Auggie was just a riding mower. After several years of watching and learning from his father and mother, Auggie moved to caring for an acre of the back forty. He was out tilling and plowing his little acre every day and was producing a fine crop. Then, one day, Zippy, a local farmer, saw what a great job Auggie was doing on his acre and asked him to help him work his land, right here in Southern Huntingdon.

Auggie helped on the farm until one day he had problems pulling a plow, it was all that generic oil he'd been drinking. As he slowly made his way back to the shed, he thought about his life and what would be next for him.

After a couple of days of rest, a brand new tractor came to the shed. John Running Deer, from the Mid-West, said, "Hello, I am the new tractor Zippy just bought."

Auggie asked, "Is there enough work for two tractors"?

John replied, "I don't think there is. Zippy told me I was the only tractor on the farm."

Auggie asked, "What is to become of me?"

John pondered the question and said, "I hear there is an annual antique tractor show, down the road, maybe you could join them."

"Antique? What do you mean Antique"? Auggie asked questioningly. He thought to himself, "that was very hurtful, but is it true? Am I too old to work a farm?"

John replied, "Well you are like old, and you probably should find a new home. After all, you could still pull wagons and things."

Auggie's life was about to change for the better. He took John's advice and went to the 2010 tractor show. He had a great time, met many new tractors, and became friends with many of the attendees. He absolutely loved the show and everybody involved with ACATS.

In 2011 ACATS was looking for a mascot and asked August "Auggie" Oliver DuTractor to be the ACATS mascot from that day forward. Auggie was very happy and excited about being part of ACATS and joined us in 2012 as our mascot. Lucky for ACATS, Auggie shortened his name to Auggie Oliver. His real name was just too long to put on the t-shirts.

While representing ACATS at the 2012 tractor show, Auggie met his sweetheart, Fergie Guson. Auggie and Fergie have gotten to know each other over the summer and are excited about this year's show. They will be at the show with bails on and hope you will be joining them as well in September.

Auggie's birthday is September 19th, and ACATS will be celebrating on September 21st. We hope you can join us at the show in honor of Auggie's 25th birthday.

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Join Auggie and his friends for next year's show on September 20th, 21st, and 22nd of 2019

** ACATS will feature Ford Ferguson tractors for 2019 **

ACATS 2019 will be held September 20th, 21st, and 22nd of 2019

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If you would like to contact Auggie, send him an e-mail at

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