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The Oliver Tractor Restored by Garry Love

The History of...

The Aughwick Creek Antique Tractor Show

ACATS was started in 2003 by Garry D. Love. Garry had a profound adoration for the American Farm Tractor. So, in late 2002, Garry decided to start a tractor show, The Aughwick Creek Antique Tractor Show.

After all, he had an almost antique tractor he wanted to show-off. With friends, family, and tractor in-tow, he set out to create a tractor show in his own backyard of Shirleysburg. There was little money and lots of resistance, but as the saying goes, "The show must go on!" After several months of planning and a little arguing, Garry found a sponsor or two and a couple buddies interested in the idea of the show.

The first year's show was nothing more than a group of grumpy old men sitting on their tractors, in an empty field, yelling over the roar of the engines, "My tractor is better than yours!" And so begins The Aughwick Creek Antique Tractor Show.

Unfortunately, over the years, we have lost some of those "grumpy old men", including Garry Love, the founder. Fortunately, through the work of his widow, his three daughters, and several friends, the show "still" goes on every September, rain or shine. Come help us celebrate those grumpy old men's love for tractors. This years show will be held on .

Number of tractors entered in the show by year

 Year   Participating Tractors 
2004 127 Tractors
2005 130 Tractors
2006 104 Tractors
2007 124 Tractors
2008 94 Tractors
2009 116 Tractors
2010 112 Tractors
2011 91 Tractors
2012 115 Tractors
2013 85 Tractors
2014 103 Tractors
2015 86 Tractors
2016 76 Tractors
2017 68 Tractors
2018 87 Tractors
2019 59 Tractors
2020 51 Tractors
2021 51 Tractors
2022 20thAnniversary ~ 70
2023 43 Tractors
2024 Biggest Year Yet!

Garry Doran Love

Founder of ACATS

August 19, 1944 to September 4, 2009

Hello, I'm Garry Doran Love; I was born in Shirleysburg, Pennsylvania on August 19th, 1944. My father, Doran Love, hence my middle name, had a few jobs. He worked in Mount Union for East Broad Top at the timber transfer station, worked at the orchards, and then he went back to East Broad Top in the maintenance department, where he mowed along the tracks and replaced railroad ties. My mother, Laura Love, was a stay at home mom raising six children while dad worked. I was the youngest of the six children, Norma, Vena, Audrey, Jay, Janet, and then me. The men were outnumbered in our house, five to three.

Having been raised in Shirleysburg had its pros and cons. As children, we could run the streets until late at night, without fear of being harmed. However, there really wasn't anything to do in Shirleysburg. When I was big enough, a teenager, I got a job as a farm hand with Ed Barben. He had a small farm in Shirleysburg, just down the road from our house. Working on the farm and using the equipment got me interested in tractors. First learning to drive the tractor was interesting. After running over several rows of vegetables and that fence, I quickly got the hang of driving and repairing fences.

I graduated from Captain Jack High School, Mt. Union PA – 1962. It was during high school, I met the apple of my eye, Darleen Ruth Banks. We dated and in September of 1964, we were married. Very soon after our wedding, we had our first, second, and final daughter, Kimberly, Glenda, and Wanda. We then moved from the small trailer home to a modest home on Germany Valley Road, where my wife currently lives. After the several years, age 19, I got my second job at Jim McMath's farm, in Germany Valley. I stayed with the McMath's for over 34 years, from 1963 until I retired in 1997. It was during the time with the McMaths, I got interested in showing tractors. Jim had several show tractors, which I helped him restore. After restoration, he would have me transport the tractors to various tractor shows around the area. I started to love the American Farm Tractor.

In 1994, it happened! My daughter, Kim, my wife, and I bought our first show tractor. It was our pet project to restore our 1953 Oliver 77 Row Crop Diesel Tractor. I love all tractors, but the Oliver is my favorite. After nine grueling months and too much money, the Oliver was ready to show. I didn't really like having to drive my pristine Oliver all over the state, so I decided to start my own show. In 1996, I did just that, I started a show in Shade Gap, Pennsylvania. For five years the show was held at the Shade Gap Picnic Grounds. Then I moved it to Orbisonia's Home Coming Grounds, in Rockhill, Pennsylvania for two years, from 2001 through 2002. We moved again for seven years to the Aughwick Center, outside of Shirleysburg, Pennsylvania, from 2003 to 2009. It was the Aughwick Show that gave the tractor show its current name, The Aughwick Creek Antique Tractor Show.

In 2009, I was taken by a brain tumor. Luckily, I have a loving wife and three very loving and tolerant daughters who continue my legacy and host the Aughwick Creek Antique Tractor Show, with the help of a few of my friends and the Fort Shirley Lions Club. With everyone's help, the show will be in its seventeenth year. Yes, we moved it again. The show is now held at the Old School House Grounds in Shirleysburg, Pennsylvania. So, join us, in our celebration of the farm tractor, every September in Shirleysburg, Pennsylvania. Bring your favorite tractor, your family and friends for a weekend of fun and frivolity. See you there!

Garry Doran Love
Love Signiture
Garry Doran Love

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